Kamazou wash project

Year: 2024
Country: Nigeria
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,966.02

Project Launch: 1-31-24

Over 1326 individuals will directly benefit from the Kamazou Wash project set to be implemented by the Kamazou school based management Committee with $4,956.88 funds from World Connect. The proposed three months project is designed to address a sanitation issue by providing a conducive toilet system for both students, teachers and the entire Kamazou community. The project will renovate three dilapidated and abandoned toilets, fix water closets and wash hand basins in them, fix the ceiling, fit the doors and windows and do flooring. In addition, a borehole will be drilled to provide the school with water. The project will help address   hygiene issues at the school which has for over time been a factors fueling absenteeism of school children and fostering the outbreak of diseases like diarrhea at the school and the whole community.

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