Health Post

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $8,525.69

Project Launch: 12-16-19

This community organization plans to build a health post in Chongole village in Nkhotakota district. The people living in Chongole village and eight surrounding villages will have access to the health facility. The nearest government hospital is 30km away and the closest private hospital is 15km away, but many cannot afford services there. The facility will provide basic health care services, antenatal care services, under-five child care, and host monthly clinics. The health post will be built per the Malawi government health post structure standards.

Project Update: 4-13-20

Four months after inception, the Health Post structure has reached roofing level, with the District Health Office delegating a supervisor to ensure that the post is constructed in line with government standards. Once completed, 3,000 people including children will gain access to primary health services within a short distance. 

Chief Mnjale, a 63 years old man says, “We are very thankful to the well-wishers for the funds they have provided. It means a lot. We will do our best to ensure the success of this project as it benefits us as a community."

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