Water for All: Empowering Bugarama Village through Sustainable Access to Clean Water

Year: 2023
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,716.67

Project Launch: 12-22-23

Bugarama village is one of the communities that has limited access to water due to being geographically located at a highly elevated hill on the outskirts of Kigali city and the national water supply hardly reaches this community on a regular basis. As a result, residents resort to fetching dirty running water from valleys in the community when they fail to get running water on the community water points.  

Iriba Bugarama with $4,716.67 funding from World Connect is set to provide a sustainable and an accessible clean water source to all residents of Bugarama village. Water will be captured from running water that flows from the rock, and an underground network of pipes will be installed, connecting them to the existing water tanks. In addition, a motorized system will then transport the water to a filtration facility, where it will undergo a two-step filtration process to ensure its purity. Once thoroughly purified, the water will be transferred to a final tank before being released to the public, guaranteeing a safe and reliable water supply. The majority of the grant funding will be allocated towards the procurement of materials such as storage tanks for efficient water access, as well as the acquisition of materials like cement and steel for constructing storage tanks and guardhouses. Additionally, funds will be utilized to purchase water pumps, water filters, and underground pipes that will facilitate the safe and reliable distribution of water to the community. This project will reduce the risky distance that women and girls have been traveling to collect water giving them more time to engage with family and for girls to go to school, as well as reducing gender based violence and improving health as people will wash their clothes and bodies more regularly.

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