Water Security in Rural Dominican Republic

Year: 2015
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $3,029.60

Project Launch: 11-12-15

El Manantial is a small community of 500-600 people in the Monte Cristi province of the Dominican Republic. The community relies on rainwater as its main water source, which is collected and stored in permanent cement water tanks or portable plastic water tanks, called tinacos. However, 18 families do not have water storage and must rely on their neighbors for water or trek to the lake to collect buckets of contaminated water. This project will subsidize the cost of tinacos for these 18 families to safely store their water for daily use. The participating families will receive training on proper use and maintenance of the tinacos, as well as sanitation and hygiene trainings from local health promoters.

Project Update

Through this project, 18 families obtained water collection systems and learned about proper hygiene and clean water through interactive and personal home visits from local health promoters. During these home visits, they also discussed other health topics such as nutrition, chronic diseases and family communication. With their new tinacos, families no longer have to travel long distances to collect water or rely on their neighbors.


"Thank you so much for the water tank. Now I don't have to always ask my neighbors for water or spend the morning collecting water from the laguna. I have water at my own home, and I want to thank you so much!" - Darisleid, Project Participant 

"I now am so much more confident because of the home visits. The information we talked about is so important and now I can go up to anybody in the community and discuss these topics. Whether it is a big group or a single person, I can talk to them about these issues." - 
Yenni, Project Participant

"Now the women don't have to travel long distances just to find one bucket of water. They have the independence and ability to fill a bucket of water at their own homes.
" - Rebecca, Peace Corps Volunteer