Upscaling Poultry Farm Project

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $5,870.78

Project Launch: 9-9-21

Luso Langa Youth Club seeks to upscale their 2019 funded poultry project to maximise economic gains that continue to impact the youth’s lives. Through this multifaceted project, the group will redesign and expand the existing poultry house to accommodate Black Austrop and Kloirer chickens and procure a solar powered 500-egg loader incubator. The project will further train the youth in production of chicken feed using locally available materials that will also be sold to community members to generate more income for the project. With these additional parameters, the group is determined to establish more chicken and egg selling points in the community and in the process create employment for youth that will be managing these centres. In addition, more youth in the community will have access to scholarships for completion of their academic studies as part of the funds generated will be allocated to the community  education scholarship fund.

Project Update: 12-31-21

In three months, the “Upscaling Poultry Farm Project’’ has lived up to its name after registering tremendous improvements to the previous project’s activities that have been sustaining since 2020. With this project, the Luso Langa youth-led organization has redesigned and expanded the existing poultry house by constructing two new rooms and widened the existing narrow rooms to become more spacious and ventilated. The new poultry house also has a storage room for feed that is being produced by the group using locally available materials. Furthermore, 52 participants from Luso Langa Youth organization, Mother Group and other community members were trained in poultry farm management, chicken feed making and business management skills. So far, the group has 15 bags of feed in stock which will be used throughout the rainy season. Since November 2021, the group has sold 50 kroiler chickens worth $309 (K250,000.00), and the amount has been used as bursaries for fifteen students, an increase from the nine students that benefited from the school program in 2020. With the newly procured 520-egg loader incubator, the project plans to generate more profits by providing incubation services to the public and selling chicks. Since project inception, a total of 18 mother group members and youth have established individual businesses where they are selling chickens in their respective homes. The project has enhanced active participation of youth and women in development activities, especially those aimed at improving their economic lives and the young people are gaining leadership positions including at district level.

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