Up-scaling Beekeeping

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $711.23

Project Launch: 4-22-20

With this $711 World Connect grant, the Chinthuli Beekeeping Club will procure 10 standard top bar bee hives, honey extraction equipment, and packaging materials to scale up their existing beekeeping project. The additional beehives will increase the yield and quality of the honey produced thereby improving honey sales for the group. This project is designed to directly impact over 50 female headed families and orphans in the community by improving food security and financial stability. 



Final Report:

Using the $711.23 World Connect grant, twenty (20) members (13 women and 7 men) of Chinthuli beekeeping club increased the number of beehives from 4 to 16, and out of the 12 hives, eight (8) all of which have been successfully colonized. The project provided a two (2) days skills and knowledge training in managing beekeeping for the club members, where they learnt how select good site for apiary, how best to manage the apiary, how to hang the hives, how to harvest, how to extract honey from combs, how to pack honey in readiness for sale and how to sell.As direct beneficiaries, the club members have managed to harvest and package over 100kg of honey which was successfully sold generating approximately $550 for the  group. The group has used the income to procure more beehives and start a group loan program to support members start small scale businesses for income generation.

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