Tosope Initiative

Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $8,038.46

Project Launch: 9-27-23

Phalombe District Hospital Rehabilitation Department will use the $8,038.46 to provide assistive devices such as Cerebral Palsy chair, standing frames and walking frames to children with disabilities to use at home and at the hospital inorder to aid in their function and ease the burden of diseases on their guardians. The activities will include making the assistive devices, buying the material needed , demonstrating use to guardians and training on measurements of devices. This project  will impact 40 children with disabilities  who are expected to start  to gain motion and  slowly gain independence. 

Project Update: 1-29-24

The Tosope Initiative has effectively crafted 31 adaptive chairs, with three donated to the Phalombe district hospital and the remaining distributed among patients. Presently, 23 children with disabilities have received these assistive devices, and an additional five await identification for chair allocation. The project has also provided training to a rehabilitation team, focusing on identifying and producing appropriate assistive devices tailored to children's needs. Parents of the beneficiaries have expressed gratitude, emphasizing the newfound ease of feeding their children and their enhanced ability to engage in play with siblings. This marks a notable improvement from the previous challenges of carrying their children on their backs or restricting them indoors for sleep.

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