Titukuke Project

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $2,573.92

Project Launch: 9-9-21

Through the “Titukuke Project”, the Mpita Farmers Club will gain access to quality seed and extension services for them to engage in brown rice production as means of improving economic conditions of its members.  The farmers, who have been growing and selling white rice will be trained in brown rice production as they strive to meet the consumer’s demand for brown rice which is essential for people with diabetes and other non-communicable conditions. The project will benefit 100 farmers who will diversify their rice production skills and improve their household economic status through sale of processed and aggregated brown rice.

Project Update: 1-31-22

Since commencement in September 2021, the Titukuke Project has trained 100 rice farmers from M’chewere and Kachule villages in brown rice production and processing which was facilitated by researchers from Lifuwu Research Station. The training enlightened the participants on multiple seed varieties that are suitable for different topographies. With the assistance of the researchers, the participants tested soil and measured their land to determine the rice variety suitable for their fields. Thereafter, the project procured and distributed 300 kg of Mpheta and Fire rice varieties among the participants which were sowed and transplanted to their fields in January 2022. Furthermore, a total of 34 farmers (12 men and 22 women) conducted a field visit to Mchesi Trading Center where they learnt and observed the production and packaging of brown rice in readiness for their harvest. The farmers are hopeful that after applying all the knowledge and skills gained from the training, they will yield a lot of harvest which will increase the funds generated from the sales of the brown rice.

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