The Southeast Clean Water Project

Year: 2017
Country: Haiti
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,700.00

Project Launch: 2-28-17

The devastation of Hurricane Matthew created the perfect opportunity for waterborne illnesses to surge in Haiti. Cholera outbreaks have killed thousands and contamination of communal water sources threatens to undermine recovery. Several areas in the Southeast Department are experiencing a resurgence in cholera cases. Securing and managing access to clean water is a major challenge for several affected communities. This project will rehabilitate 7 reservoirs in 7 different communities in the Southeastern Haiti that need to be repaired and cholrinated to improve these water sources.

Project Update: 6-28-17

In May, the Haiti Philanthropy team in the Southeast installed 2 chlorinators. In June, 2 more were installed. The 4 installed chlorinators are now functioning in the targeted communities. 

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