The Greens Go To School Campaign

Year: 2017
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $704.00

Project Launch: 8-28-17

The Greens Go To School Campaign will be dedicated to promoting positive nutrition and dietary education in the rural schools of Dowa, an impoverished region of Malawi straining under the effects of climate change. This will be done through students who will manage a garden, engage in continuous learning, and discuss the benefits of organic farming in the area.

Project Update: 2-27-18

20 schools in Boma and Chibwata Zones have been mobilized as a part of the campaign. 40 teachers attended the induction and capacity building training designed to promote the formation of the student-led Greens to Go clubs, plan activities, and evaluate local benchmarks. Clubs were formed in the 20 target schools to develop local gardens. Members planted the seeds in the garden, learned best practices of planting vegetables, and watered plants. Local chiefs were consulted in order to secure the role of the gardens in daily life and as a method of averting vandalism.

Final Report: 6-5-18

Teachers are using the school gardens for lessons on health, nutrition, and agriculture, but also on math, science, and other core subjects. Using gardens as a hands-on teaching tool reinforces what is taught in the classroom and also brings new learning opportunities to life. Schools are well-placed to teach children about the links between nutrition, health, and basic agricultural skills. In addition, schools are now able to make some savings from the vegetable sales and these savings have are being used to buy pencils, notebooks, and pens for learners from underserved backgrounds. 

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