Increasing skills and economic opportunities for the women of Las Galeras through technical training

Year: 2016
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $995.56

Project Launch:

Las Galeras is a coastal settlement that depends heavily on tourism. Situated on the Dominican Republic's Samaná Peninsula, the community's ideal location contrasts sharply with the ability to earn a living in the area. Although foreigners flock to the region every year, only the most trained and talented individuals are successful in tapping into the competitive tourist economy. Las Galeras' community organization devoted to the educational, economic, and social empowerment of individuals in the community is seeking funding in order to train local women in high demand fields (baking and sewing) that will allow them to participate in the regional economy and earn money to support their families.

Progress Update: 2/22/2017

Sewing machines, baking supplies, and a massage table were purchased to provide beginner and intermediate classes of 20-30 students per course. Five project participants have now found new jobs as a result of their career training received in this project. A women's entrepreneurship group is also in formation.


"I am amazed that the courses have been this successful! More than 20 women have already completed the first set of courses and are going strong into the intermediate level classes. I was worried that community members would be excited at first, but then that little by little people would stop attending classes. However, this has not been the case at all! The teachers have grown such strong relationships with the women that continuously attend, that they have dedicated even more hours to their learning." - Gabrielle, Peace Corps Volunteer

"The women are so engaged. They have learned so much and it is the buzz in the community! Small local shops and hotels are coming to see the skill set our women are developing and sharing with them potential work opportunities." - Lenin, Project Leader

"I am excited to help lead the Association of Women Entrepreneurs for our community. This will be a great opportunity for a group of newly skilled women to put together products that the community needs. I already have made a good living this month baking for some big celebrations in town. This has been a big surprise to my family and I am happy I can provide for them and save for when we will need it the most." - Pastora, Project Participant

"Now that we have the tools, machines and excited women to attend the courses, teachers come to us! It is a blessing. All these women are finding opportunity in our new skills and I am so happy to be part of something that will provide my family with a bright future. Thank you!" - Aveli, Project Participant

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