Stoves Project for El Cacheo

Year: 2013
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,676.25

Project Launch:

In the community of El Cacheo, Dominican Republic 100% of the families cook or have cooked over an open fire, often indoors, thus exposing family members to excessive smoke inhalation daily. Many of the community's women, who are traditionally tasked with preparing meals, have demonstrated symptoms of pulmonary and respiratory health problems that can be linked to their daily smoke exposure. This project will introduce improved cook stoves into 55 homes in an effort to improve the health of the community. Improved cook stoves also offer the benefit of requiring less wood to cook more efficiently, an important component of the project since the area around El Cacheo is already highly deforested and families are often competing for wood to cut from trees and brush to be able to cook food for their families. This project will also promote economic development by supporting local masons, who will be trained to build the cookstoves, to turn their newly acquired skills into a successful business. Finally, working with local leaders, the project will increase awareness about the negative health and environmental effects of cooking over open fires by organizing a series of workshops and trainings for the beneficiary families.


Project Update

The 55 participating families were trained on the health benefits of an improved stove, as well as the environmental benefits of using less wood. After the trainings, the stoves were constructed by two local masons. Since using their new stoves, families have reported that they feel healthier, are using less wood, and their homes smell nicer with less smoke.



"Women and children are now able to breathe without having to worry about the smoke entering their lungs.  The mothers are very greatful for the stoves.  They like the stove because it has improved the quality of food, and helped speed up the time to cook the food.  Secondly, they do not have to be around for the food to cook.  The mothers are able to attend other choirs around the house." - Brian, Peace Corps Volunteer 


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