Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $6,542.50

Project Launch: 9-9-21

Using $6,542.50 World Connect Investment, Lilongwe Youth Organization will work with youth from Kauma Community, in Traditional Authority Chitukula in Lilongwe to establish a soap making centre for economic empowerment. The project will use modern equipment such as electrical mixers and cold rooms to increase quantity as well as improve quality of soap being produced. A total of 20 youths will be trained in soap production after which they will proceed to establish a group business where they will be producing and selling laundry and bathing soap produced with different fragrances. The youth are hopeful that the income earned will reduce unemployment levels as more and more youth will venture into business using the products from this business.

Project Update: 10-7-21

In less than twenty days after receiving 60% of the $6,542.50 approved World Connect grant, Yamikani Chunga, a YALI-Mandela Washington Fellow and also the Executive Director for Lilongwe Youth Organization has successfully initiated implementation of the Soap Making project called Soap Making for Youth Economic Empowerment Project (SOMAYEEP) in Kauma area of Lilongwe, Malawi.  Thirty-two (32) members of the group have completed a three-day soap making training gaining skills in soap production in the process. As part of the preparation to start actual production, the group has installed and fixed an air conditioner to reduce soap drying time, purchased two ten liters’ electric cake mixers, two digital scales and other manual mixers. With the soap already showing huge market potential based on feedback from people that used the trial soap produced during the training, the group is remaining with soap pricing, branding and mass production so that they are fully operational.  Highly promising project.

Final Report: 4-30-23

Lilongwe Youth Organization successfully launched the Soap Making for Youth Economic Empowerment Project (SOMAYEEP) in Kauma, Lilongwe district. With the aid of a $6,542.50 grant, the project trained 32 youth on soap-making and business management, conducted two exchange visits to Nkhotakota  Katengeza CBO to learn best practices in the soap-making business. After gaining expertise in soap production, the group has extended training to two other groups in Mzimba and Dedza. Initially, the group was producing no less than 3,000 pieces of soap per week, however, production was slowed down due to the rising cost of oil, which is a key ingredient in soap-making. To sustain profits, the group has raised funds and plans to diversify by engaging in poultry farming. Despite challenges faced by the project, beneficiaries such as Byson Chikonga have been able to change their lives for the better “This project has changed my life a lot as with the shares of money I have been getting from the soap production, I have been able to pay for vocational training school and I am currently attending 3 months tailoring classes and this the last month. I am currently able to make shorts, shirts, and dresses. I have already started generating income from tailoring which I am saving to buy my own tailoring machine”.

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