Seeds of Change

Year: 2018
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $659.14

Project Launch: 2-2-18

The vision and goal of this project, Seeds of Change, is long-term and focused on helping foster environmental consciousness within local school culture with the dream of providing enriching educational experiences that will inspire youth to become the next generation of environmentalists. Students and school staff will be involved in helping create and care for a school garden. Beyond just beautifying the school grounds, the project will offer an opportunity to take the classroom outside. Once the garden is complete, teachers will be trained on how to incorporate the school garden into the existing curriculum.

Project Update: 7-30-18

Materials have been gathered and construction has begun on the tire garden. Over 50 tires were donated by a local used-tired business to use in the garden. After much effort and talking to many community members, two school employees were able to find a farmer in the community who was willing to provide good soil. The school staff members went and filled up dozens of empty sacks with dirt and brought them back to the school. This hard work allowed the community to save money and put more funds toward other expenses. The bulk of remaining funds will likely go toward purchasing more plants.

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