Seeding Self-Reliance in Dzaleka Camp

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $7,695.95

Project Launch: 5-10-19

Through the Seeding Self-Reliance in Dzaleka Camp project, Vijana Africa plans on installing a maize mill in the camp which will generate adequate income to buy livestock such as rabbits, pigs and turkey. The livestock will be provided to 240 women who are widowed, orphaned and those with disabilities. The women will be required to give back offsprings of the livestock to Vijana Africa, who will in turn provide these to more women in the camp. It is expected that the money generated at the maize mill and the livestock provided will improve incomes for the women allowing them to meet their day to day needs including school fees and purchase of nutritious food for their families. The plan is that the project will be self sustaining as well as have multiplier effect as more and more women will continue to benefit for many years.

Project Update: 9-16-19

The construction of the maize 10mx5m mill house is well under way. 240 beneficiaries, mostly women, will benefit from this project once it becomes operational through provision of pigs, turkeys and rabbits on a revolving fund model. The project will give refugee women greater access to equipment to process their corn into flour, opening up an opportunity to generate income and support their families. 

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