Secondary School Dormitory

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $1,914.02

Project Launch: 3-7-19

This grant was used to construct a girls' dormitory at the secondary school in the community. The head teacher, School Management Committee, Parent Teachers Association, and Peace Corps Volunteer gathered to consider strategies to alleviate the economic, social, and health challenges that keep young girls from completing a secondary education. The school serves students from 10 feeder schools across many villages, which translates to long distances for students to reach the secondary school. Some young girl students who cannot manage the travel are forced to rent huts surrounding the school, many of which are unsupervised and in poor condition. Renting a hut is a financially challenging, which often puts girls at risk of being taken advantage of by local village men, seeking sexual favors in exchange for rent money and other needs. The community agreed to construct this girls dormitory in order to ensure girls' safety and access to education. The community has provided 25% of the grant amount in cash and in-kind contributions, including building materials and labor to build the structure. 

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