Rise Up and Protect

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,986.39

Project Launch: 7-22-20

Through this project, Kachama Community Based Organization will install a shallow well to provide 650 people with access to clean water. Additionally, they will launch a COVID-19 prevention and awareness training targeting 26 Health Advisory Committees in Mzimba. The two-day training will use Ministry of Health materials trainslated into local languages to avoid the spread of misinformation and myths around the virus. Thirdly, the community will run a three-month mass civic education campaign on COVID-19 prevention which will include distribution of 30 hand washing buckets and 300 masks targeting 26 under five clinics, one health center, and one major market. The Kachama CBO plans to reach 12,780 people in total.

Project Update: 12-17-20

Kachama Community Based Organization (CBO) in Mzimba district has used the $2,986.39 World Connect COVID-19 response grant to procure and distribute hand washing stations alongside one carton of u-fresh soap in twenty-six under-five clinics around Bulala Health Center.  As means of demonstrating, 260 Health Management Committees members and 40 community market committees members received face masks under the project. To amplify impact, The group with aid of well trained health experts conducted a two-days COVID 19 prevention, care and support orientations which targeted 260 people from 26 clinics and ten (10) Health Surveillance Assistance (HSA’s) and these are now agents of information dissemination in the area. Over 12,600 community members have been reached with COVID-19 prevention messages from the project. In its second complementary component, the project completed the construction of a shallow well by installing one afridev pump in Yotamu Ziba village in Malangazi which has provided access to clean and safe water to over 789 people. The project is set to help curb the spread of Coronavirus in the area as well as reduce cases of water borne diseases. 


Final Report: 8-31-21

Led by Mr. Austine Tembo, a Senior Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) based at Bulala Health Center, Kachama CBO used $2,986.39 in World Connect grant funds to install of one afridev water pump in Yotamu Ziba village in Malangazi providing 789 people with access to clean and safe water. A committee of 10 people (7 women) was established and trained in pump maintenance and general operations of water point. The community-based organization members assisted by a team of 10 Health surveillance assistants have trained 26 under-five clinic committees of 10 members each and 40 stakeholder members comprising police, market, and school committee in Coronavirus prevention measures. Using the knowledge gained, the committees conducted an intensive six-months COVID 19 prevention campaign reaching 12,700 people who came to clinics with their under-five  children for services.  The Community Organization also purchased and distributed 30 handwashing stations to the 26 clinics which have advanced  and adopted handwashing in the communities. 

From these interventions, the community has seen reduced cases of waterborne diseases, reduced distances women travel to fetch water and reduced time spent in line. The community also acknowledges an increase in adoption of COVID 19 preventive measures as a major achievement leading to only 5 COVID cases registered in a zone with a population of over 30,000 people who were at risk due to many migrants coming from South Africa.