Mpalale Classroom Block Renovation

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,113.07

Project Launch: 7-18-19

With this World Connect grant, The Mpalale CDSS School Management Committee seeks to renovate one of the school blocks which is leaking and has cracked walls. The renovations will involve building a new roof and floor, widening the windows, installing shutters, and making the block structurally sound. The project will provide a conducive teaching and learning environment to 150 students and teachers who use the space. With a safe space to learn and fewer distractions, students' academic performance is expected to improve. 

Project Update: 9-18-19

Mpalale Community Day Secondary School Committee has completed the reconstruction work of the block which involved widening the size of windows from three glass windows to twelve glass windows, ring beam construction, and finishing the brick work. The committee will continue the project by installing roofing, a drainage system, and flooring. Once completed, the project will create a safe and conducive learning environment for 100 students. The project will also contribute to the retention of students, increased enrolment, and an improved pass rate.  

Final Report: 12-31-19

In partnership with CorpsAfrica, Mpalale Community Day Secondary (CDSS) School Management Committee has successfully used the $5,113.70 World Connect grant to reconstruct a two roomed classroom block that was formerly a safety hazard for children and teachers.  The newly reconstructed school block has provided a safe and conducive learning environment to 128 (70 males and 58) secondary school students at Mpalale CDSS. Many students who had preciously been traveling further distances to access safe classrooms can now attend Mpalale CDSS and reduce their community to school. In a space of three months, a total of 15 students have rejoined the school thereby increasing student enrollment. Additionally, the school block has freed the laboratory space which was used as a full time classroom, allowing students to practice science subjects more frequently. One of the teachers at the school said, “the new classrooms has motivated students and teachers to work hard. Therefore, we expect improved performance at national examinations.”

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