Activity Conference for Parents

Year: 2013
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $1,568.50

Project Launch:

In Villa Paraíso and Villa Nazaret, Dominican Republic, administrators and some parents at a nearby school have expressed concern that many parents in the school don't participate in their children's education in a healthy manner. Unengaged parenting is becoming a significant barrier for the school community as it is becoming increasingly difficult to get students to prioritize their education. In this project, local leaders will work directly with parents to hold workshops that teach struggling parents how to promote healthy development of their children and the importance of taking advantage of their children's educational opportunity. Topics to be covered in the workshops include: parenting styles, violence in the family, conflict management, student learning styles, and creating appropriate studying environments. School leaders will monitor the attendance and performance of students whose parents graduate from the workshops versus students whose parents decline or were not able to participate in the workshops.


Project Update

120 parents participated in the Activity Conference for Parents, where they were trained in various topics, such as parenting styles, conflict management and student learning styles. After the parents graduated from the conference, they provided testimonials, which described what they had learn and how they intend to educate their peers about the topics learned.



"Women have increased their knowledge about their rights as a woman when it comes to domestic violence and they have learned, to become better mothers promoting healthy educational environment  and practices in their homes. The participants' children will take advantage of their mothers new obtained knowledge. The few male participants showed they agreed with the views of the obtained knowledge which will affect their wives and children as well. " - Luisa, Project Leader


"I have opened my mind in how to educate my girl. Thank God, now I pay more attention and love to her, to educate her in a healthier way." - Paulina, Project Beneficiary