Promoting Individuality Through Art

Year: 2010
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $482.67

Project Launch:

The community of Batey 6 is often without sufficient funding for art programming in school. In 2010 World Connect’s Kids to Kids Program provided a $483 grant to purchase the essential art supplies for an art course designed to cover art theory and techniques, get students engaged in art activities and give students free time to explore and have fun with new art techniques and supplies. project included painting boxes to store art supplies, making friendship bracelets, collages, blow painting and dot painting, creating puzzles and masks, making paper mache piñatas and designing and painting murals. The course was taught to a small group of both Haitian and Dominican students, which gave participants the opportunity to form friendships and bonds that transcend ethnic boundaries. This course was inspirational and unlike any experience these children have had. Even kids who weren’t enrolled in the program would attend just to watch because they could tell how rewarding the experience was. Richard, a 16 year old boy in the community who never identified well as an athlete in his community found that the art classes helped him identify something he is good at and helped him identify his place in his community.

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