Plasto-Bricks Construction

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $749.66

Project Launch: 4-24-20

The Plasto-Bricks Construction project aims to make bricks using melted, recycled materials mixed with sand. The bricks will be used to renovate the community based child care center to promote early childhood education to over 100 children in the area. Additional bricks will be sold and the income generated will be shared among the participants to economically empower their households. This highly innovative project will also contribute to maintaining a clean environment free from plastics.

Project Update: 11-18-20

The Plasto-Bricks construction project has used the $749.66 grant funds to train 45 community members (30 women, 15 men) from Nkhalamba Village in Plasto-Bricks making for the renovation of Nkhalamba Community Based Child Care Center (CBCCC). The project managed to get their bricks certified by the National Construction Industry Council (NCIC). Over 200 bricks have since been produced and used in the renovation of the CBCCC. The renovation is still underway as the project faced some challenges in producing bricks due to scarcity of plastic and low participation from the community members as the process was deemed tedious. The completion of this project will benefit over 100 kids who will attend their early childhood education at this center.

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