A Place to Play

Year: 2013
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $5,177.00

Project Launch:

The community of La Vigia, Dominican Republic, a small rural community on the DR/Haiti border, is comprised of rustic wooden homes that have no indoor plumbing and limited electricity. Families struggle to make ends meet as few people in the area have jobs. There is no public transportation into or out of the community and elementary school children walk a mile to the neighboring community to attend school. There are no sports or after school enrichment programs, very little to do, and the community is plagued by standing stagnant water that doesn't drain, making it difficult to find a dry area to play in. This project seeks to develop community-owned land into spaces for recreation, including two basketball courts, a volleyball court, and a playground at the community's pre-school. In addition, young people in the community will be trained to conduct household-level surveys to assess the impact of the project on La Vigia.