Piggery Farming

Year: 2021
Country: Rwanda
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,492.00

Project Launch: 12-30-21

The project will support 100 neediest households in Birambo village in Manihira sector of Rutsiro district in the Western Province of Rwanda to improve their food security and incomes through raising of pigs. Each family will be given one pig making a total of 100 pigs. Each family which recieves a pig will obtain organic manure from the pig waste to apply to their gardens and improve crop production and productivity, will earn income from sale of piglets when they reproduce and will also obtain proteins from consumption of pork. Within one year of the project when the pigs have reproduced, 100 more needy households will be enrolled into the project through passing-on of the first female piglet to another needy family in the community. A committee of local people elected by the project participants will continue to oversee the project activities including managing the pass-on together with local authorities so as to reach more people with the project benefits.


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