Nursery School Renovations

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $2,268.03

Project Launch: 7-2-18

Infrastructure at Kaluza Village was built for the children to use as the nursery school. It was grass-thatched with no floor, windows, or doors. Due to bad weather, nearly three-quarters of the roof was destroyed leaving the children prone to getting soaked during rains and unprotected from intense sunlight. There have been promises made by political figures in the village during campaigns about having the school fixed but to no avail.

With the enthusiastic volunteer teachers the community has, they have resorted to teaching children in the nearby church located in the community. Despite poor learning conditions, both the teachers and the children strive to at least help each other get an education, even if it means not learning every day due to the circumstances they must endure. Renovating this nursery is a need that will affect children between the ages of 3 and 7. Putting a roof and a floor of this nursery school block is the first step to rebuilding this facility and giving children a safe and comfortable space in which to learn.

Project Update: 10-8-18

Construction is ongoing. Phase 1 is now complete with roofing, flooring, plastering, leveling, pointing, lime application, and painting wrapping up. A chalkboard was also completed in the classroom in preparation for Phase 2.

Final Report: 11-12-18

The nursery school at Kaluza Village has been fully renovated. It now has a cemented floor, iron sheets, and well-plastered and painted walls. The classroom has chairs for the children to sit on during lessons. It has a blackboard and educational artwork on the walls -- colorful and child-friendly. Learning materials were purchased and each child has a pencil and a notebook which they will use when learning how to write. Two toilets were built at the school to ensure adequate sanitation and hygiene for the children.

The kids in the community have benefited directly from the project by having a conducive learning space. We have registered 57 boys and girls aged between 3-6 and we expect the number to keep on increasing. The older community members have benefited from the nursery school because they also use the classroom for their adult literacy lessons in the afternoon when the children have knocked off. The number of people enrolled in the adult literacy class has increased from 20 to 45. The youth club is also using the classroom to hold their regular weekly meetings.


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