Nsala Primary School Library

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $9,183.95

Project Launch: 1-13-22

Chimwemwe Nzima, a Corps Africa alumni volunteer, in collaboration with Nsala Primary School will facilitate the construction of a library at Nsala Primary School in Lambuira village, T/A Chikowi in Zomba District. The $9,183.95 library will provide good storage space for the books and an accessible studying space for the students, teachers and the community members. Over 1,500 people are expected to benefit from the  project each year.

Project Update: 3-30-22

Two months after funding, Nsala Primary School Management Committee led by Chimwemwe Nzima, a Corps Africa Alumni, has steadily progressed towards their goal to have a library at  the school. To date, the library building walls have been completed, roofed, floored, pointed and plastered. To  fully complete the library, the committee remains with painting, fascia board fixing, drainage and purchasing of shelves. Over 1500 learners are expected to benefit from the library once completed.