No Sex for Fish: 2020 Expansion

Year: 2020
Country: Kenya
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $800.00

Project Launch: 12-21-20

On the strength of their perseverance and commitment to creating change for women and their communities, as featured by NPR Goats and Soda in December 2019, World Connect set out to work again with the No Sex for Fish Women Group in 2020. Their plan was to build new No Sex for Fish boats, to repair existing boats, and to incorporate more women across more beaches. 

In March 2020, however, after months of heavy raining, Lake Victoria rose to such an extent that their homes were submerged and their lives upended. Their turmoil was compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, which necessitated a lockdown, the closure of schools, and a halt to economic activity across Kenya. The group mobilized quickly, and collectively decided to spend down their hard-earned group savings, more than $6,000, to ensure that displaced members could find shelter and food for their families.

World Connect has been in touch with the group throughout 2020. We are working with the women to explore alternative income generating activities while they await the return of the local fishing economy. We are also deploying funds so that they can continue supporting each other with basic needs. Their challenges are ongoing, with estimates that the flood waters may not recede for a year or more.

World Connect is re-launcing its fundraising efforts for No Sex for Fish to support the women with both their short-term needs and their long-term plans. Please donate today. 

*Please note, this project is in development and the situation on the ground is evolving. The NPR features have generated a lot of interest and support for the women and their work. We will communicate any changes or updates throughout the process for all supporters on this page.*

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