Naminga Bridge construction

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $9,593.83

Project Launch: 1-12-22

The Justine  Water Users Association will construct a bridge at Naminga river to provide all year round access for  students learners who learn at Naminga School, Mlomba community Day secondary school, the community and women who use Mllomba  Health Center to access health services and local farmers around the area who cultivate rice at Zumulu Rice Scheme also faces challenges when transporting their produce to their respective homes.  All these groups face challenges during rainy season  as they cannot access the much needed services


Project Update: 3-8-22

Barely two (2) months after receiving a $9,593.83 grant from World Connect, Justine Water Users Association in collaboration with community members of Mpelula village, T/A Mlomba in Machinga district can now afford to smile as the construction of Naminga bridge is coming towards completion. So far,  they have  fixed the head wall (pillars), wing walls, steel, and shutter. The structure has also been covered with a strong concrete deck slab to make it durable. The bridge is expected to be fully functional in four (4) weeks when the concrete deck slab has dried out fully. Over 600 students from Naminga and Mlomba Schools, 200 farmers who cultivate rice at Zumulu rice scheme, women who access Health care at Mlomba Health Center and community members of surrounding villages are expected to benefit  by using this bridge