Mseza Junior School Primary Operationalization

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $9,670.00

Project Launch: 10-7-21

Mseza Junior Primary School Management Committee from the Myanga Mkhalipi Village, Chaboli in Euthini, Mzimba in the Northern Region of Malawi, will use $9,670.00 to complete construction of an unfinished classroom block, construct a teacher’s house, and 6 standard toilets in a bid to increase access to education to children.  A majority of the pupils drop out of school due to long distances to the existing schools. The classroom block will contain two classes, Standard 1 and 2, and accommodate at least 180 learners. Construction of this junior school is expected to reduce distance learners travel and improve education levels in the long run.

Project Update: 1-19-22

The operationalisation of Mseza Junior Primary School Mzimba District is close to becoming reality with most work on the teachers' house and unfinished school block nearing completion.  With the initial 60% of the total $9,670.00 grant funds, the school management committee has done plastering, flooring, pointing, and liming of an unfinished school block. They also completed the building of the superstructure and roofing of a teacher’s house. To complete the house, they remain with fixing windows and doors and painting the house. They have been able to dig one toilet as work has been affected by the onset of the rains. The community is excited to have the school opened and see their kids accessing education from a reduced distance as one project participant expressed, “I cannot wait to have my children start school close to our home. We have struggled with children and they get tired and therefore do not go to school all the days as required.”

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