Mgawo ECD Centre

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,606.58

Project Launch: 1-6-20

Girl Child Education Movement (GCEM) in partnership with Mgawo Village Development Committee will construct a modern Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) targeting over 100 children annually. Once completed, the ECD center will improve the physical, cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional developmental domains of children ages 0-5 years. The project will also provide improved safety to all the children as they are currently learning in a grass thatched shelter. The project is expected to contribute to increased enrollment and improved performance by the children as they prepare for primary school.

Project Update: 5-19-20

Four months after funding, Girl Child Education Movement (GCEM) has completed 95% of its planned work towards the construction of  Mgawo Early Childhood Development Center. The building has been roofed, floored, and painted. Learner centered paintings have also been completed. Production of desks and training of caregivers are the two activities remaining to  fully complete the project.  By now, over 120 children would have started learning but have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic which ledGovernment to temporarily close all schools. Senior Group Mgawo is excited with the project and had this to say:  “I never expected that I would have a modern nursery school in my area after over two decades of requesting the same from the government and different NGOs but to no avail. I am speechless to see a beautiful structure like this in my area. Our children’s future is now secured as they will learn in a safe environment. Thank you GCEM and World Connect.”

Final Report: 12-31-20

The Girl Child Education Movement (GCEM) organization, led by Marshal Dyton, a YALI Mandela Washington Fellowship alumni has constructed an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Center in Mgawo community. The center has a classroom, office space and storage room where teaching materials will be kept. In addition, fifty plastic chairs and five wooden tables have been placed to be used by children when learning. Learner friendly drawings that will help children visualize objects and not simply memorize them have been painted in the walls. The project further trained three caregivers in child management and equipped them with skills and knowledge of the topics that are to be taught to the children. The new structure has increased student’s enrolment from 150 to 200 children and the community is hopeful that the children’s classroom performances will also improve as the teachers are well equipped to manage the classes professionally. The community members are confident that their children’s transition into mainstream primary school will be easier.  Group Village Headman Mgawo was impressed with the project and said, “I have been crying for this project since 1961. I have requested every politician that has come including NGOs. We have had early marriages among our children due to lack of proper education foundation. But I am glad that it is our own son (Marshal) who has finally made it possible. I thank World Connect for trusting him and for providing all the necessary support.”


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