Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $7,434.83

Project Launch: 9-5-22

Led by Luchier Chikopa, a Flame Tree G-studio graduate, At-The-Mortar ( Pamtondo) Social Enterprise with work with Makande Community Day Secondary School Management Committee in Thyolo District, to construct a science laboratory at the school. The $7,434.83 laboratory will  contribute to increased performance of students in science subjects and increase career options for the students. A total of 524 students will benefit every year while teachers will find it easy  to conduct practical lessons in a safe and secure manner.

Project Update: 11-18-22

Two months after receiving funding from World Connect, At-The-Mortar (Pamtondo) together with the Makande community have used 60% of their total funding of $7,434.83-, to raise the laboratory structure to ring roofing level. The project is remaining with installation of iron sheets, windows, doors, flooring, plastering, and painting. The coming of this Laboratory which is a first of its kind in this community, is set to improve the performance for 524 learners especially in science subjects.  This is what Yasinta Phiri a 15 year old form 2 had to say, “I am so curious to see how this science Laboratory will look like and how we are going to use it because I have never seen a science Laboratory before. I am sure I will learn new things.”

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