Local Products Processing Unit in Segou

Year: 2018
Country: Senegal
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $5,652.31

Project Launch: 8-15-18

The Region of Kedougou is one of the regions of Senegal which has reported the highest mortality rate in children of kindergarten age. This situation is explained in part by the difficult conditions of women’s lives that weaken them day by day. Women in the area are in a vulnerable situation because of their lack of financial resources.

However, the area has one of the highest development potentials in Senegal and the village of Segou benefits from this advantage. This is why the women of the Group of Haldi Potti decided to set up a project focused on developing and processing local products. The overall objective of the project is to help strengthen the economic position of women in a local community group, Haldi Potti, through the promotion of the village's agricultural resources.

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