Kivumu Goat Project

Year: 2018
Country: Burundi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $750.00

Project Launch: 2-6-18

Food security and re-establishing agriculture in rural Burundi have been part of Wings of Hope for Africa's mandate since 2011. In the aftermath of a violent civil war, food security is important for the Burundian people. The Kivumu Goat Project will run in conjunction with the Kivumu Garden Project and provide 10-12 goats to rural agricultural families. The goats will be bred and produce an average of two kids twice per year. Participants will gain milk, cheese or yogurt, a valuable supplement to their diets. In additional, goat manure will have the added advantage of serving as a fertilizer for local gardens. 

Final Report:

Wings of Hope has provided a donation of 10 goats to 10 families in need in Buterere. They can now nourish their families, fertilize their crops, and earn a modest income from the livestock. Goats are a valuable resource in Burundi. Each goat can be bred and will produce offspring that can be passed on to the next set of families. This is a self-sustaining model which will continue to benefit families and communities in Burundi.

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