Integrated Health and Income Security for Women

Year: 2020
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $684.93

Project Launch: 4-22-20

This project will expand the production of herbal products that are processed by Katengeza Community Based Organization. With this grant, the organization will procure labeling stickers and packaging bottles needed to enhance production of moringa and neem herbs that are nutritious and beneficial for people suffering from chronic illnesses. The funds generated from this project will be used to procure a computer and color printer to assist the participants in packaging of the products. Increased production and packaging of these products will benefit more women living with HIV as they will easily access the products for their health and nutrition while more sales will bring more income to support vulnerable women who are members of the organization.

Final Report: 2-28-21

The Katengeza community organization added value to their existing products through packaging improvements and marketing campaigns. Using $685, the women purchased 1,200 packaging bottles and labels and conducted marketing campaigns to tell people in the community about the benefits of their products. Through this project, 38 community members have been equipped with marketing skills. Over six months, the women have generated $2,300 (MK1,800,000) from product sales, a nearly 70% increase from their sales prior to the project. This significant increase has enabled the women to resume their Village Saving and Loan Association as well as their winter rice cultivation. 

Furthermore, the success of the project has enabled Katengeza community organization to buy its own land and plant 6,538 Moringa trees, which is expected to boost their production and sales. The project directly benefits the 150 women who are part of the organization.

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