Integrated Health and Income Security for Vulnerable Women

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $8,663.16

Project Launch: 5-14-21

After successful and impressive implementation of its accelerator grant, Katengeza Community Organization received a $8,663.16 in World Connect grant to procure and install a milling machine to help them mechanize the production of moringa, neem, Mvunguti, tonic root and lemon grass powders. Prior to this project, the 30-member group were producing their products manually which limited their capacity to meet increasing demand for the products both locally and internationally. Overall, the project will improve quality and quantity of products as they will be handled in a conducive and hygienic environment, thereby boosting the sales of the products as well and inherently improving the participants’ economic livelihoods. The group hopes that the construction of factory and mechanization will also help them meet Malawi Bureau of Standards Certification requirements impacting their product sales.

Project Update: 9-7-21

In an effort to upscale its moringa, tonic roots and lemon grass production project for  increased income generation, Katengeza Community Based Organisation has constructed 90% of the factory house with only plastering and flooring remaining for it to be fully completed. The factory will house the milling plant which will increase production and subsequently increase income for the group through quick and quality processing of its products.  The starting of the factory has generated faith in the business capacity to produce large volumes of the products, leading to signing of a memorandum to supply six (6) tons of the products in the next 4 months to TDRC Investment in Zomba, Malawi. The CBO hopes that mechanisation of the production process will increase revenue and consequently economically empower its 30 members and the community around Katengeza. Additionally, large productions will create local business opportunities for youth who will be given the opportunity to sell the products on commission thereby reducing unemployment in the area.