Installation of solar water booster pump, solar panels, pipes, kiosks and digging trenches to Madango, Mjulu, Zgambo and Mkotameni communities in Mzimba district.

Year: 2022
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $7,988.73

Project Launch: 9-5-22

Malidade Community Based Organization will use $7,988.73 to extend an existing water supply to four new villages in Malidade, Traditional Authority Mthwalo in Mzimba District in the northern region of Malawi. The extension of tapped water to new villages builds on the previous water project, which could only supply four villages, thereby guaranteeing availability of tapped water in all the eight villages in Malidade. Availability of water kiosks in every village will help all residents to experience reduced distance to safe clean and safe water points and put the village on a solid trajectory to reduce incidents of water borne diseases. 

Project Update: 9-28-22

Three weeks after funding, Malidade Community Based Organization led by Timothy Munthali has completed the first phase of its water extension project. Communities excavated 1.8 kilometers of trenches, laid pipes, constructed a booster pump house and successfully installed the pump providing water to one village out of the planned four.  The people of Mjulu have already seen the benefits of the project reducing distance from 2.5 kilometers to 100 members to access clean and safe drinking water.  The project has also motivated the Chankhanga community which has approached the EFP to  support them in implementing a similar project using locally owned resources.  Construction and fixing water kiosks in the remaining three villages will mark full completion of the project.

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