Income Generating Goat Husbandry Project

Year: 2017
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $1,301.58

Project Launch: 3-23-17

Phalombe is a district that is vulnerable to extreme weather. It experiences heavy rains that often result in floods and it also experiences droughts due to the bare landscape. Both weather extremes have resulted in the community members of Maluwa Village harvesting little or nothing at all. Since the community is largely dependent on farming, they are left destitute with very little to eat and nothing to sell as a source of income. Nevertheless, those that practicegoat husbandry are able to buy food, and pay school fees for their children. This project proposes an income-generating program: 90 village beneficiaries will manage 45 goats in order to create a viable source of reliable revenue to support their families when agricultural capacity is compromised. 

Final Report: 9-11-17

Although this project did not evolve as planned, community members are now aware of the power they have to collaborate on agricultural projects together. With 45 goats now in the village, project participants are considering how they might be able to leverage their new agricultural capacity in the future. 

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