Improving Access to Primary School Education through Construction of School block at Chimwabvi School, Tayali Community

Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $9,557.38

Project Launch: 10-7-21

Chipembere Community Development Organization, will work with Chamwabvi community to construct a two-roomed classroom block at Chimwabvi Primary School, in Traditional Authority Bvumbwe in Thyolo district of Southern Malawi.  The completion of the new school block will allow  the school upgrade to standard seven (7) from the current five (5)  directly increasing enrolment by 180 learners from the current enrolment of 650 learners at the school.  Additionally,  impacted learners will reduce distance travelled to nearby school by five kilometers allowing them ample study time that will positively translate to improved performance in the long run.

Project Update: 11-2-21

Chipembere Community Development Organization has used $5,734.428 which is 60% of its approved $9,557.38 two roomed school block construction grant effectively. In just  one month,  the school block is now at roofing stage with fixing iron sheets, plastering (including window and door fixing) and finishing with flooring remaining for the project to be fully completed.  The project is ahead of schedule and expected to be completed by November 30, 2021. Once completed, a total of 146 students are expected to use the classroom moving away from the hazardous and usually disturbing tree shade. The quick implementation has been attributed to high levels of community participation and huge need of the school infrastructure in the area.

Final Report: 4-30-22

Using $9,557.38 grant funds, Chipembere Community Development Organization facilitated the construction of a block that consists of two classrooms and a staff room at Chimwabvi Junior Primary School in Tayali Village, Traditional Authority Bvumbwe, in Thyolo District. The two classes are now used by Standard Five and Standard Six learners with an enrolment of 83 and 67 learners respectively, and the staffroom is serving as the head teacher’s office. The school has now upgraded to Standard Six and is expected to upgrade to Standard Seven in the 2023 academic year. The addition of two classes at the school has helped reduce distance learners from the community used to travel to access senior primary education.

Harry Kaliwo, Head Teacher for the school was among the key participants in the project and was grateful with the addition of a new block at the school. He said: “It has been a great challenge for children around Tayali as they must travel for distance of almost 5 to 6 kilometers to access full primary education. So, during the rainy season roads are always in bad shape and due to such, they can’t go to school therefore the coming of this  school block is really a good initiative to pupils from the community”.

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