Improved Cookstoves: For the Cure of Respiratory Illnesses and Care for the Community Environment

Year: 2015
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,782.70

Project Launch:

This project aims to reduce indoor air pollution and the prevalence of respiratory illnesses such as asthma and chronic bronchitis commonly reported in children and women in Tierra Prieta, a small, rural community in the west of the Dominican Republic. Working with a local health group, a mothers’ group and a neighborhood group, the project will lead to the installation of improved cookstoves in 30 households. Local female health promoters will educate participating households on the importance of curbing deforestation by using the new, more efficient cookstoves, the dangers of excessive smoke inhalation from more traditional cooking methods, and the proper use and maintenance of the improved cookstoves.

Project Update

The local stove committee identified the participating families and have begun hosting educational workshops on the importance of improved cookstoves and respiratory health. All the materials have been purchased and the stoves will be constructed in the upcoming weeks.

Final Report

All project participants have received their new cookstoves. The majority of participants are happy with the revamped cooking technology and will continue to use the cookstoves in the future.


"The smoke of these stoves leaves out the chimneys and will not hurt my eyes or lungs. I am very excited to have a stove!" – Gheira, Project Participant 

"I am excited to have an improved cookstove because my eyes are very bad. Currently, I can barely cook because it hurts my eyes to much. The youth in my house must cook for me. With these stoves going in the kitchen I can cook for my family as the smoke will leave through the chimney." - Milenis, Project Participant

"These stoves are aimed to not only improve the health of members of the community through reduction of smoke inhalation, but also to decrease deforestation, to empower through community leadership and learning of new skills, and to become aware of the health risks of smoke inhalation." - Caroline, Project Participant

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