Improved Cookstoves Project

Year: 2014
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,832.50

Project Launch:

This project will take place in La Pina, a rural, low-income community located outside of the town of Partido in the Dajabon province, Dominican Republic. Recent community health assessments in La Pina show a significant correlation between high levels of respiratory infections and chronic respiratory diseases in homes where a traditional, open fire cookstove is used compared with homes that use gas stoves. The community itself is well aware of this problem and has expressed a desire to partner with World Connect on the installation of improved cookstoves that will lead to improved respiratory health within households.

In La Pina, the Improved Cookstoves project will be a model of community ownership. The community is forming an independent stove committee to better understand the new technology and to oversee the project, while at the same time placing their women’s group in charge of the community outreach and training of local families to use and maintain their stoves in a sustainable way. There are also a number of local masons who will be trained to build and ensure the structural integrity of the improved cookstoves over time. The project will result in 50 improved cookstoves in La Pina’s households.


Project Update

50 improved cookstoves were built and participating families have been educated on health, nutrition, and maintenance of cookstoves. The improved cookstoves have benefited several aspects of life for the community, especially in regards to their health. The new cookstoves have improved their quality of health by significantly reducing the amount of smoke released indoors compared to the traditional wood burning stoves that are currently used to cook.



"The overwhelming majority of the families interviewed say that their health has improved. An example is from Doña Yeya. She was so ecstatic when I asked her about her health. She complained about her health from shortness of breath and coughing. She explained she is not coughing anymore and is able to breathe normally. She feels she has regained her life back." - Yvette, Peace Corps Volunteer

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