Improved Cook Stoves (Fogones Mejorados) - World Connect

Year: 2014
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $2,654.01

Project Launch:

La Loma de La Gallina and La Guardia Arriba are rural communities located atop a small mountain in the Dominican Republic. Between the two communities there are less than 500 people and 120 households. Most households rely almost entirely on cacao production for their livelihoods.

In partnership with a Peace Corps Volunteer and a local cookstove committee, World Connect is launching a project to install improved Duncan model cookstoves in 40 households. The cookstoves greater efficiency means that the stoves are better for the environment, as they require less wood to be burned. The reduction of smoke associated with this improved cookstove model means improved quality of life for those cooking with wood stoves daily, primarily women and girls. Each family participating in the project will be required to attend three classes on the benefits, use, and care of the cookstoves, and will be responsible for 35% of the costs of installing the cookstoves.



"I know many children who suffer from respiratory illnesses because of the traditional wood cookstoves. This project will change my community." - Santa, Project Participant


"I take care of my 10 grandchildren and they are exposed to my cookstove's smoke everyday. I constantly worry they will burn themselves on the fire. I know that the smoke isn't good for them and that it bothers me a lot. I cannot wait until I have a cookstove with a chimney. Thank you for this opportunity." - Serevina, Project Participant

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