Improved Cook Stoves

Year: 2015
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $3,815.66

Project Launch: 12-1-15

A majority of families in the Dominican Republic use a three-rock fire as their stove, which produces an abundance of smoke, causing lung damage and eye irritation. This project will provide 40 families with improved cookstoves, which will improve respiratory health and reduce deforestation rates by using 30% less wood than traditional cooking methods. A women-led stove committee will be formed and will be responsible for management, monitoring and evaluation of the project, conducting home visits to follow up with the project participants and ensure good care, usage, and maintenance of the improved cookstoves.

Project Update: 10-18-16

Construction on the improved cookstoves is slated to begin right away. Materials have been purchased, collected, and distributed in order to make the building process more efficient.

Final Report: 6-13-17

36 cookstoves were constructed and installed in local homes in El Ranchito. Households now use less firewood which reduces the rate of local deforestation within the Dominican Republic. Fumes and exhuast are piped out of homes and are now separate from the common areas of the house, improving the health of members of each household. Reduced exposure to this volatile smoke reduces the likelihood of respitaory disease, eye irritation, and burns. 

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