Greenhouses for Health

Year: 2019
Country: Kenya
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $4,361.99

Project Launch: 8-7-19

The proposed project is the addition of a greenhouse to a World Connect tree nursery project which was funded in 2013 and is still fully functioning today. The greenhouse will add value to the initial project by growing indigenous, exotic, fodder trees along with fruit and vegetable seedlings. This will include rarer crops such as tomatoes, strawberries and chilies, which require more maintenance than tree seedlings, but will yield higher profits. The introduction of these crops will increase income and crop diversification, which can prevent crop diseases. The trees and seedlings will be sold to the community to generate income for those in the community-based organization, Beautify Aberdare. The trees will provide fodder for farm animals, fruits and vegetables will increase access to nutritious foods for local families, and indigenous trees can provide wood for timber and cooking fuel, reducing pressure on the forest ecosystem. Surplus indigenous tree seedlings will be used in the rehabilitation of degraded forest and river riparian to reduce the impact of deforestation and soil erosion. The addition of the greenhouse will not only provide economic stability for Beautify Aberdare members, but can improve the health of residents of Njabini, who don't have abundant access to a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Funds will be set aside to continue planting new seedlings each season, ensuring sustainability of the project with the goal of continually expanding, increasing land, crops, and impact within the community.

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