Computer Lessons for Youth Development and Employment

Year: 2018
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $5,057.14

Project Launch: 11-15-18

This project aims to empower youth in Chikwawa through the promotion of computer skills which can provide them with opportunities for employment, business startup positioning, and overall computer literacy. Youth in Chikwawa are facing many challenges, especially when they complete their secondary school education including lack of local tertiary education institutions, a lack of recreation centers where the youth can engage productively, and poor local job opportunities and business markets. This contributes to youth delinquency, poor decision making, teenage pregnancy, and abets the transmission of HIV. Computer lessons for youth would offer the chance for youth to remain busy and bring hope to their lives by mastering something innovative and engaging.

Project Update: 3-11-19

Since opening its doors four months ago to youth members in Chikwakwa, Computer Lessons for Youth Development and Employment project has introduced a center where 24 youths have acquired computer and innovation skills which have helped 3 members to be enrolled in government colleges. The center has procured 10 computers, a printer and 1 photocopying and scanning machine to enable the participants learn computer skills effectively. In addition to providing computer lessons to participants, Sustainable Rural Community Development organisation has also established an Innovation hub at the center which is providing training in production of ear rings using waste materials such as waste pieces of clothes and waste papers which will later be sold to the community to enhance project sustainability and provide income to the participants. The center is also in the process of initiating a one drop drip irrigation prototype together with Enactus Sheffield University from United kingdom which will enable participants to support local farmers in backyard gardening irrigation. Sustainable Rural Community Development organisation is in the process of acquiring a bigger space from Chikwawa District Council for their operations. Participants are pleased with the project as they are now familiar with Microsoft packages such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Final Report: 7-30-19

 The Computer Lessons for Youth Development and Employment project came to completion after training 14 participants (3 females and 11 males) in basic Microsoft Office packages such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and designing, coding and web development. Within the six months’ timeline, the participants were also trained in production of jewelry and shoes that are sold to community members as a way of supporting their households. The computer skills have helped six of the participants go further in their education. To enhance the impact of the project, SURCOD developed an international partnership which enabled three participants to travel to a youth exchange program that was held in Frankfurt, Germany from June 9-24, 2019. During the visit, the participants developed a concept for establishing an online shop where youth will be able to showcase and sell hand-made products. This will help the participants earn income and accelerate their drive to use technology to sustain their livelihoods.

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