Esnorkeling with Jovenes Verdes

Year: 2011
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $490.00

Project Launch:

The community of Los Urabos in the Dominican Republic relies on fishing in a salt water lagoon (Laguna Redonda) and the ocean, as a primary source of income, however, taking care of natural resources is not a priority in Los Urabos. In 2010, trash could be found scattered all throughout the community. With World Connect’s support in 2011, many of the kids in the community were inspired to protect their local natural resources and planted 500 trees in the community, participated in two trash cleanups, decorated trash cans for the community, and made posters to educate students about not littering. And as part of the Brigada Verde group, a group of these kids ran radio shows in the neighboring community of La Colonia about environmental issues, especially trash and marine issues. This radio show reached four communities with a set of 15 shows or “charlas” about specific environmental issues such as deforestation, marine ecosystems and conservation of fresh water. The radio show and charlas taught kids and their communities about the environment and helped the kids presenting with public speaking and leadership skills. After the radio show and the 15 charlas finished, a group called “Brigada Azul” was formed to focus on marine and water issues in Dominican Republic. Participating kids were also taken snorkeling at a local beach -- even though many of the kids have families that fish for a living, and many of the kids fish, none of the kids had looked underwater with a mask and snorkel. Encouraging the kids to explore underwater taught them that there is more to the ecosystem than the fish that people eat.