Empowering and Improving Lives of Bee Keeping Farmers and Protecting the Environment

Year: 2023
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Economic Opportunity
Project Investment: $4,724.06

Project Launch: 11-15-23

Mkuwazi Beekeeping Association will utilize a World Connect co-investment grant worth $4,724.06 to economically empower the livelihoods of 130 beekeeping farmers from 13 clubs located in Mankhambira Village in Nkhatabay district. The project target participants consist of new and already existing beekeeping farmers who will be provided with modern beehives, bee suits, honey storage and processing equipment to improve the quantity and quality of honey sold on the market. Furthermore, the project will train the participants in modern beekeeping techniques and improved group dynamic strategies that will ensure functionality and sustainability of the groups and project outcomes. Interestingly, the project will enhance tree planting, as one way of improving environmental conservation in the area. 

Project Update: 2-7-24

With $4,724.06 co-investment from World Connect, Mkuwazi Beekeeping Association is  upscaling its  honey production business in Nkhatabay district in the northern region of Malawi. In the  first phase,  14 bee suits, 12 smokers, 1 measuring scale and 84 beehives have been procured to increase production and modernize its harvesting and processing.  Additionally,  a two day training was conducted in which 65 farmers (out of the total 130 participants) were equipped with skills and knowledge of beekeeping production and processing. The second phase of the project will commence with another training of the remaining 65 farmers in modern beekeeping production and processing to ensure continued skills acquisition that will be vital in project sustainability..

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