El Limonal Latrine Building Project

Year: 2014
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $5,821.89

Project Launch:

The community of El Limonal is located in the province of Peravia, in the south central region of the Dominican Republic. With a population of 6,500 people, the municipality's major source of income is agriculture. According to a recent community diagnostic, 40% of homes in El Limonal do not have latrines. In an agricultural community, this poses a threat as fecal contamination can affect crops and can make the community vulnerable to cholera and other diseases. This project will lead to the construction of 30 household-level latrines and provision of proper sanitation education. Participating families will participate in workshops focused on hygiene and sanitation practices to learn about the dangers of human waste. They will also support the construction of the latrines to ensure they understand how best to maintain them in good working order.


Project Update

Basic pit latrines have been built in 30 households in El Limonal, helping to improve the community's sanitation and hygiene, and decrease the risk of infectious disease. Each participating family attended workshops to learn about proper sanitation, helped dig pits, and collected sand. Alongside local masons, they helped construct the latrines. Health promoters will continue to make house visits to ensure the proper maintenance and sustainability of the latrines.



"I am very grateful. Now, I now have my privacy . I feel comfortable and appreciated." - Margarita, Project Participant 


"I am so proud of my community for their solidarity and efforts during the planning and execution of this project. This community is very vulnerable and impoverished but very welcoming and beautiful. This project really helped the community; now when I visit, everyone is so proud of their home and happy to show off their new latrine.' - Sofia, Peace Corps Volunteer

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