Dominican Republic Provincial Health Promotion Network

Year: 2015
Country: Dominican Republic
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $4,618.98

Project Launch:

The northern sector of the San Juan Province in the Dominican Republic is largely composed of rural agricultural communities with limited access to infrastructure, education, and health services. This project aims to motivate and empower youth and women by creating a regional health promotion network, consisting of ten youth groups and eight women’s groups, nine of which will be created brand new as part of this project. Groups will receive leadership and health trainings focused on issues such as reproductive health, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, hygiene, self-esteem, community organizing, and budgeting. Each group will start an income-generating project to support their ongoing health activities, and the groups will collaborate on projects and initiatives geared towards improving their communities' health and using each other as a resource.

Project Update:

To date, eight youth groups and seven women's groups have received health focused trainings, and the remaining groups will be trained in the following weeks. The network has drafted their 2016 Strategic Plan, which includes four regional events, a breakdown of 15 key topics and issues they will promote, and a strategy to identify governmental, ngo, and health partners to boost the network. Each of the youth and women's groups are responsible for launching an income-generating activity, and will use the revenue to support the network's activities and events. The network is busy planning their first community-wide events, which will take place at the end of 2015. The first event will focus on violence against women, followed by a regionally coordinated commemoration on World AIDS Day.

Final Report: 9-19-16

The project successfully constructed an important intra-organizational network of NGOs and CBOs committed to working to improve local health as a united front. A total of 18 community groups were strengthened and included in this reinforced network. Community health education and outreach activities brought new information regarding Zika, seasonal illnesses, and other diseases to rural residents in the region.

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