Year: 2021
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Education
Project Investment: $6,842.19

Project Launch: 9-9-21

Chimvano Group will partner with Mauni School Management Committee to construct a $6,842.19 solar powered teachers office block that will provide a conducive working environment for  teachers who are currently using classroom blocks leaving student learning under the tree shade.  The project will enable the students to retain their classroom block which will improve classroom attendance as students abandon classes  especially during rainy season and hot weather. Additionally, the teachers will ably prepare and deliver lessons as they will have a conducive working environment including solar power  allowing them to prepare exams using computers saving resources for the school at the same time.   A total of 1,700 students and 12 teachers will be impacted by this project once completed.

Project Update: 10-25-21

Led by Samuel Kasambala, a YALI Regional Leadership Centre alumni, the construction of a teacher’s office block at Mauni Primary School is successfully progressing as it has reached the ring beam level in just seven weeks after funding. The second phase of implementation will aid the completion of the project and will consist of roofing, plastering, painting and installation of furniture in the office. With the quick implementation, the project is bound to be completed by November 2021, as planned. The community, particularly the teachers, are happy with the project as it will ensure that teachers work in a conducive environment, subsequently enabling learners to retain their classroom improving access to conducive learning space. 

Final Report: 7-5-22

Chimvano Group in collaboration with Mauni Primary School Management Committee has successfully completed the construction of a magnificent teachers’ office at Mauni Primary School in Dowa district. The three-roomed office block has been well roofed, painted, fitted with furniture, and electrified.  With this project, 12 teachers (eight males, four female) teachers now have a very good office space to plan their work and keep their materials safe. Additionally, the teachers have also released the classroom that they were initially using back to the learners which is currently being occupied by 60 learners (32 males and 28 females).