Construction of Biogas Plant at Masitha Waste Transfer Station

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Environment
Project Investment: $6,323.75

Project Launch: 12-16-19

With this World Connect grant, the community organization EcoGen will construct and install a biogas plant at Masitha Waste Transfer Station in Kawale, Malawi. Five women will be trained in production of biogas, a clean and smokeless fuel source, and biofertilizer. They will use household waste from the local waste transfer station as the raw materials for this business. The women will distribute the biogas to ten households for free for three months as a pilot and testing phase, after which the households will be expected to buy the gas upon satisfaction with the product. The project aims to eliminate household use of fuel such as charcoal and firewood which are harmful to the environment. The participants will also earn money through the sale of biogas and biofertilizer, thereby improving the living standards of their households. 

Final Report: 12-31-21

EcoGen, led by Clement Kandodo a YALI –RLC alumnus, received a $6,323.75 World Connect grant to venture into a pilot biogas production project in Masitha, Lilongwe. Using the grant, they have managed to install a biogas plant, train 23 people (16 females, 7 males) in the operation and maintenance of the plant. With not less than 4 tons of waste treated per month, they are able to supply five (5) homes with biogas for cooking and they are also able to produce not less than 3000L bio fertilizer that was sold to over 50 families. The pilot was a success and the group has been reaching out to various media houses to raise awareness of the technology. So far they have secured a MK6 000,000.00 ($8,400) grant from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) to replicate the technology at Natural Resources College. The project was also profiled by the National Planning Commission under its Ndizotheka Transformative Initiatives series as one of the outstanding wealth creation initiatives among the 14 that were selected in Malawi.