Chinduzi Health Post

Year: 2019
Country: Malawi
Project Status: Funded
Impact Sector: Health
Project Investment: $7,470.69

Project Launch: 12-31-19

Clean Energy Engineering, in partnership with community members, will construct a health post in Chinduzi, Malawi. This project will increase community access to health care services such as pre and post natal services, HIV testing and counselling, and family planning. Construction of this post will reduce the distance women travel to access these services thereby increasing the frequency of visits to recieve care among women and children. 

Project Update: 4-20-20

After starting construction in January 2020, the Construction of Chinduzi Health is 60% complete. The community has completed all the main walls and is now working to procure the roofing materials. The clinic is expected to serve a population of about 11,772, including 2,004 children under five and 2,747 women of child bearing age. The community has mobilized youth in the community to help the builders and supervise the construction of the facility. Appreciating the importance of the project, another organization called Water Missions has drilled a borehole at the new facility to provide clean and safe water to users.

Final Report:

The $7,470.69 Chinduzi health post has been completed and is now operational with health workers attending to the hospital two times a week.  Over 9,340 community members mostly women and children are now accessing prenatal, post-natal and under-five services from this health post reducing cost and distance travelled to Machinga District Hospital by 8 kilometers. Since the health post started working, there has been a 21% increase in women attending antenatal clinics and a 17% increase in children attending under-five clinic days, which is all attributed to the reduced distance the women cover to access the services. The reduced distance has also increased the number of children immunized at 18 months old by 32%.

Inspired by the EFP and his initiative, the project has led to the formation of a youth club which is of great benefit to the community as the youth from this area have something to keep them occupied and focus on their future. The youth club has since played a major role in planting trees in their villages hence reinstalling back the lost environment.

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